P o r n A g a i n

P o r n A g a i n has been a work in progress from 2010 – Present.
P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 1 is the first in a series of six experimental videos that deal with the exploration and celebration of the mind and sexuality of a body in constant transition. Even though my work is erotic it deals with more than just sex. It is a personal exploration of sexuality and gender and the constant "alteration" of my body as raw material and the fetishization of it. My works are contemporary documents of a mutated body either in the form of digital media or traditional works on paper.

vol. 1 trailer
Video 1 – P o r n A g a i n
Video 2 – Mutation of a Transexual
Video 3 – Untitled – sound by La Spacer – VOMIT OF SOUNDWAVES*

it is my duty to defend my body and gender.
it is my duty to create art and allow the world to hear me.
never ending transition, never ending t r a n s i t i o n.
my body are the remains of a creature with human like features,
able to mutate and destroy if possible.
a combination between beauty and beast, with god like qualities
able to create, seduce and destroy

- Sofia Moreno

Vol. 2 trailer
P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 2 CyberNymph is the first of a triology of experimental videos
that explore the artificial,fantasy, internet porn and the body as sculpture.
CyberNymph features Performance Artists Hanna M. Owens
and Molly Soda mollysoda.tumblr.com;
includes a visual documentation and sonic installation in collaboration with photographer Armando Lozano holeboss.tumblr.com
and sound artist
La Spacer soundcloud.com/laspacer

P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 2 Divas from the Underground
Trailer by Christopher Sonny Martinez.